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I have a big .rc file which includes ribbons which were created by Visual Studio. Those are .mfcribbon-ms files

How do I translate them? When I import the .rc file into sisulizer those ribbons are not imported.

I searched here on the forum, but I did not find a suitable answer...
Anyone here who knows how to do that?

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Janusz Grzybek
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Hello Harald,

You can optionally try localize binary files instead rc files. I think this is better solution. If this is impossible, please upload to us your source files and the SLP via Private Upload form.



Joined: Mon Mar 21st, 2016
Location: Switzerland
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I really do not like localise binary files, It does not fit in our build process.
However here is how you can recreate by yourself:

Let Visual Studio (2013, 2015,2017) create an MFC App with ribbons

It will create a "res\\ribbon.mfcribbon-ms" which is an XML file.

Sisulizer actually can translate it, basically you need to translate several "TEXT" and "NAME" tags. But NOT ALL of them, I can send you the XmlTAGs.sli file where all the necessary Tags are listed.

And then there is a second tiny step necessary for the .rc file:
It has several includes for the default resources, which need to be replaced which I do with a simple text replace tool during the build process: For example
needs to be replaced with
res\\en\\ribbon.mfcribbon-ms for English or
res\\fr\\ribbon.mfcribbon-ms for French etc

and then there are several l.XXX like l.DEU which need to be replaces with l.ENG or l.FRA etc

So Sizulizer is nearly there; You just need to load the ribbon file(s) which are actually also stated in the .rc file like this

IDR_RIBBON RT_RIBBON_XML "res\\ribbon.mfcribbon-ms"

And apply the XmlTAGs.sli to them to give the user the correct texts to localize
Then you need to replace the mentioned texts above in the .rc file which is also not too complicated.

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Thanks for sharing this useful information!
If you like you can upload XmlTAGs.sli in a zip using the private upload button. We then can give it to other customers on request.


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