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How to Get the Fat Black Chocobo Mount on Final Fantasy XIV? - Bugs and Quirks in Sisulizer - Technical Support (You need to be registered at the forum to write) - .NET, Delphi, ... - Sisulizer Localization Tool Support
 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2021 06:41 am
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Joined: Sat Jul 10th, 2021
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The Fat Black Chocobo Mount is back in Final Fantasy XIV, however. How to unlock this awesome mount? There's a setlist that you can support, as well as you can unlock the Fat Black Chocobo Mount.

List of Eligible English-Speaking Streamers

To unlock the Fat Black Chocobo mount in FFXIV, you need to gift 4 below to an eligible streamer on the list, even if it's Tier One just. English, French, German, Spanish, and Finnish-speaking streamers were chosen to participate in this occasion.

Here is the listing of eligible English-speaking banners:

    • Aiyanya
    • Anniefuchsia
    • Ashe10
    • BOWIEtheHERO
    • Chottis
    • Drakanous
    • Eryn
    • EthysAsher
    • GalaxyAUS
    • Geekgg
    • Haughtychicken
    • Hupo
    • Inochifantasy
    • itmeJP
    • Joesephyr
    • Kidkerrigan
    • Meoni
    • Miabyte
    • MissRogueFlame
    • Mizzteq
    • Mrhappy
    • QueenE
    • Speakersofhydaelyn
    • Spofie
    • SugarAng3l
    • Thorlar
    • Tuatime
    • ZeplaHQ

How to obtain the Fat Black Chocobo Mount on Final Fantasy XIV?

You have to gift 4 subs to that streamer, but they can't be anonymous gift subs. It does not matter what Tier below you provide. However, it has to be to that streamer. They additionally need to be streaming FFXIV for the gift sub to count. To do this:

1). Head to the channel of your choice and choose the Gift a Sub-option in the Home tab.

2). You can go into "4" in the Custom Quantity tab and select to supply them to random viewers or certain ones. Gifting one will certainly likewise offer you 100 Heavenscrackers.

Offering 4 below will certainly cost you around $19.96. The subs don't need to be talented on only one network, though. You can offer subs on 4 different networks whenever you want, beginning with June 24, 1 pm CT to Aug. 24, 1 pm CT to get the incentive.

3). After you have actually talented the 4 subs, you'll be provided the Chocobo Whistle in your alerts tab, head to FFXIV's Mog Station, and choose the menu Your Account.

4). Select the service account you intend to get the reward from if you have numerous of them.

5). After that, choose Enter Item Code and input the received code.

6). Follow the following actions as suggested.

7). Once it's done, the item will certainly appear in your Warrior of Light inventory.

There is one problem, though: You can't get the mount if you possess a complimentary test account. It would help if you gained it.

There is no demand to link your Twitch and Square Enix accounts, considering that you'll get the whistle item to mobilize the mount using a code to redeem in the FFXIV store. But beware, since anonymous gift subs don't count for the mount.

We've seen the Fat Black Chocobo mount come up a few times in the past, always tied to a promotion. It was available in China from KFC and also an collaboration back in 2019. Nevertheless, this is the first time it's linked to actively assisting banners who play FFXIV, so that's an actually wonderful method to return to the community.

Square Enix also mentions that there may be various other means to acquire these products in the future.

Next, we will publish more guides to get various other installs, and please browse here to visit them. And you can locate cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil from here, full stock, secure purchases, many orders will be delivered to you face-to-face within 1-10 mins.

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